A new place

Public realm improvements

A significant part of our plans include the opening up and activation of the public spaces under the DLR and along the south dock waterfront to make them more accessible for local people.


Hotel and serviced apartments

The new development will include a 400 bedroom hotel and 279 serviced apartments. The hotel will cater for tourists as well as businesses on the Isle of Dogs. There is a growing demand for serviced apartments in the local area to support business. Once operational the building will generate many employment opportunities for local people, including up to 230 jobs in the new hotel and serviced apartments.


Emerging proposals

Here are the emerging proposals we showed you back at our exhibition at the end of February.

Some of the details here have been superceded, but we have left this page up as a record of this exhibition.


Feedback from the first exhibition

In February 2019, Rockwell invited local residents and businesses to join them at their public exhibition to have their say on the emerging redevelopment proposals for Quay House. Since the exhibition, Rockwell have taken feedback on board from the local community and are now presenting further details of the plans.



At 40 storeys, the proposed building will be consistent with the height range evident among existing and under-construction buildings in the South Quay and northern Millwall area. The proposed development would be lower in height than both the Wardian buildings immediately to its west and the South Quay Plaza development further east, contributing to a varied skyline along South Quay.