Emerging proposals

Here are the emerging proposals we showed you back at our exhibition at the end of February.

Some of the details here have been superceded, but we have left this page up as a record of this exhibition.

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West India Dock Road, Tower Hamlets    


The site


The site is currently occupied by a vacant three storey office building known as Quay House. The building has reached the end of its life and fails to capture the opportunity that the site presents.

Located on the southern side of South Dock the building sits in a prime waterfront location as well as being in close proximity to Canary Wharf and South Quay stations.

Site analysis


Tower Hamlets is one of the most exciting and diverse London Boroughs. Over the last 20 years, Tower Hamlets has seen some of the fastest population growth across London, this includes many businesses moving to Canary Wharf.  Here's a map of local businesses, services and facilities within five minutes walk of Quay House.

Our vision


Emerging ground floor masterplan

Aspirations for the site


The creation of a destination for pedestrian activity


Restaurant provision providing an active ground floor quayside access


003-photo.pngHigh quality improvements to the dockside area beneath the DLR and Admirals Way



Construction jobs


 A development of high quality design


Car free development


Optimising the potential of a previously developed site


Financial contributions to local infrastructure



Our vision


A landmark building 

We envisage a building that would make a coherent contribution to the existing patterns of development within the overall Isle of Dogs cluster. We understand the importance of designing a building that will be of a height and massing that will respond successfully to its location.


Visitor accommodation to support tourism


Serviced apartments to support local businesses

Public spaces


A significant part of the emerging plans include the opening up and activiation of the public spaces under the DLR and on the waterfront to make them more accessible for local people.

This includes creating a ‘room’ space beneath the DLR that will offer a variety of potential uses from climbing walls, to an outdoor gym, cinema and parkour that will appeal to the public and visitors.

Indicative sketch of 'room space' beneath the DLR, above.

The existing inaccessible space beneath the DLR, above.

Variety of potential uses under the DLR, below.



Interaction with the water and DLR

We understand the importance of how the waterside and the DLR relates to the proposals. The plans include a raised platform as part of the new building that will offer a green open breakout space. This will create a visual experience for those within and outside the building.


Next steps







Consultation - early 2019


Submission of planning application - Spring / Summer 2019


Start on site - 2020



Completion - 2022

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